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Hosting is our thing.  We enjoy bringing people together, serving tea and providing entertainment. We do it for those we hold most dear, and sometimes, for those we’ve only just met.  As we grew older, and our friends grew older, free time did not avail itself to us so freely.  Scheduling events around varying availability became close to impossible.  And with this frustration came a great revelation.  We needed to adapt to new circumstances.  After careful thought and planning, we arrived at a simple solution.  We would take our act on the road, and travel to you!

At Sweet Cuppa Tea (pronounced Sweet Cup-pah) we are committed to providing enjoyable ambiance and memorable experiences at all of our tea parties.  We travel to you with all of our goodies in tow so that it is exceptionally convenient for everyone to enjoy – without the worry of table settings, chairs or musical playlists. We bring it all.

Laugh, enjoy, eat a scone and a share a cuppa with us.  Our calendars are clear!

Relax & Have a Cuppa.

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